WatchCam – A watch remote control for your camera

WatchCam is now available under Open Source:

The app is no longer under active development or support.

REQUIRES Pebble OS 2.9 or 3.0

Enabling remote photo snapping using your Pebble smartwatch

Make those Selfies extra special!
A self-timed snap shot from a distance.
On the end of an telescopic camera extension for a new perspective.

What can WatchCam do?

  • Remotely control the camera
  • View a live preview image
  • Save it your photo library
  • Self-timer: 1 – 60 seconds
  • Switch between the front and back cameras
  • Change the flash mode: Off, On, Auto
  • Tag your photos with your location
  • Use the photo browser to view your last WatchCam
  • Share your pictures with your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS, etc.

WatchCam Reviews

Great Little App by Shoshtrvls
Perfect balance between necessary features and simplicity – great for portraits and other tripod shots.

PebbleSnapper by Ex-torch_owner
Happy! Worked as instructed! Just one request, may you add video support??

007 by Mhe71
Love the app. Kinda makes me feel like a secret agent to be able to take pictures at the push of a button on my watch! I Wish it could start and stop video recording though, that would make this app amazing!

Best iOS camera app for pebble by Freum
Easy to use, allows complete control of camera functions, perfect camera companion app.

Great app by Ike Clausen
This works great! Solves the ” no self timer on iPhone” problem. Flash control and camera switching all works well.

Great App. Works exactly how it says. – by SDEVO619
I really like being able to shoot from my watch. Great for group shots where you can either use a tripod or just stand the camera on its side. Just wish my 4S has a better front facing camera. It would make this app even better, so you can see what the shot will look like before you take it, and get the better quality image. Even with the current front facing camera the shots came out great. Keep up the great work. Next up, let me control my Apple TV with this watch. Make it happen!!! Lol. I know it’s not that easy. Just an idea.


68 Responses to WatchCam – A watch remote control for your camera

  1. Mike says:

    Unable to take pics. I’m running iOS 7 beta. Everything is connected . Warning reads “oops there was a problem. Try again b

    • Joe Chavez says:

      Hi Mike,

      iOS 7 Beta is not fully supported this time. A version of Pebble Snap will be released to the App store soon after Apple releases iOS 7 to the public.


      • Clickbeast says:

        Hey just to let you know, it works with ios 7 just fine. There’s a glitch with the installation, and it’s what’s making people upset. Here’s the issue and how to fix it, maybe you can code in a change 🙂

        1) Install app, install watch face through the app
        2) CLOSE OUT THE APP completely (double press home button, swipe it closed)
        3) Reboot the app

        Voila, taking pictures now works smooth as butter on ios 7. The issue seems to be that once you launch the app, and then install the watch face, the app does not attempt to reset a connection to the pebble.

        Left you a 5 star review on the app store :O I hope to see video support soon to make this even more kick ass.

        Thanks for your hard work

  2. Joe Chavez says:

    Excellent, thank you for the iOS 7 report. I have an idea on how the fix this to the app close out is not necessary.

  3. Eddie says:

    Any plans to enable the use of a remote shutter for Video? I purchased it thinking that I’d be able to use it to record video but it only does stills? 😦

  4. Eddie says:


  5. Kool Watchfaces says:

    Where we can we get the source code?

  6. Jericho says:

    Honestly, I think it’s neat, but not worth paying 3 for. Did making the iPhone app ad based not seem like it would generate enough revenue? The market penetration is far deeper for free or freemium apps.

    • Joe Chavez says:

      In this particular case flashing add over the camera view makes for a poor user experience – IMHO. Putting them on the Settings or Viewer would not have been worth the time.

  7. Brad Barnes says:

    I can get every function to work except taking a picture! I have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted phone, restarted watch. What am I doing wrong here?

  8. Stephen Robbins says:

    Unable to take pics says problem please issue me a refund

  9. Stephen Robbins says:

    Ok I’m on ios 7

    • Joe Chavez says:

      iOS 7 is not fully supported as it is still in BETA. Shortly after Apple releases iOS 7 to the general public Pebble Snap will be verified and updated if necessary.

  10. Stephen Robbins says:

    Well until that time if like a refund

  11. Ck says:

    I’m only on iOS6 and can’t get it to work. Managed to take 2 pictures and no more. Pebble just says ‘opps! There was…’.

  12. Mark Reed says:

    Hi. I was wondering if it’s possible to control a phone camera like a traditional camera?? I was thinking that it would be cool if it was possible to implement a ‘bulb’ type setting that enabled the lens shutter to be kept open. Either for set amount of time, indefinately via a button long press, or for a few hours by opening the shutter with one button and closing it with another…


  13. Clickbeast says:

    Would you ever consider creating an android application? I posted a few weeks ago, and I’m an early adopter for your program and I love it. I’m considering switching to an android, and I was sad to realize that this app isn’t available for android.

    Figured it was worth asking!

  14. Rob says:

    Love the app – great job so far! Any chance you can include option to disable vibration in a future release for shutter, change camera, change flash? I assume the vibration consumes battery power and messages written on the screen currently provide enough info to know an option has been changed with adding a vibrate to the process. Thanks again.

  15. question.. more general.. my pebble is loaded up.. how do I delete some watchfaces on the phone to make room for this?

  16. I got the app (iOS 7) and it works.. some of the time.. takes pics.. then ‘freezes’? and doesn’t work. will keep trying. the concept is good. not that it’s that tough to hold a phone and take a pic but I do a fair amount of pics where the phone is in a mount so this is a useful app for me. thanks. just trying to get 100% functionality.

  17. Nishant Jairath says:

    Hi! i brought pebble snap for app store, i am on ios 7.0.3 (iphone 5s) and while installing the pebble snap watch app in pebble app, the pebble app crashes even before it can ask me to install the watchapp.. please help as i just paid 2.99..

  18. Ray Dell says:

    Hey when are you guys gonna be 2.0 complaint??

  19. Dan Allam says:

    Hi there,

    I was told I could use this app to see via my pebble watch what my camera sees? Is this possible or have I been mislead?


    • Joe Chavez says:

      Yes, you will be able to see a live preview of the camera with the release of v1.4 of the iOS App and Pebble Watch App. The iOS app is currently under review by Apple and should be approved really soon.

  20. tcgmd61 says:

    I take it the PebbleSnap pebble app is not yet ready for 2.0 BETA? Please confirm, and we’ll patiently wait.

  21. Cody says:

    Hey all, so the 1.4 install is a little unclear. If you’re having live preview issues, make sure you reboot your pebble and the app itself. The update also disables the shutter fire until you do this. It should work like a charm after though! Great job!

  22. Nick Noakes says:

    Cannot connect snap, only red camera icon

  23. Ethan says:

    Running the most current iOS on my iPhone 4S. I have the pebble app, and recently downloaded the Pebble Snap app. Immediate disappointment..$3 spent on the app and it doesn’t even open before it crashes. Please fix it

  24. Jim D says:

    Just got my pebble a couple of days ago.
    My one major request with camera app. Can you add wrist flip trigger( like turning on the back light) to take a picture. That way I can hold the camera over my head for a high angle shot and frame it on the pebble and then be able to take a picture with one hand.

  25. I am thinking about this watch but from what I’ve read, it sounds like there is a new version that is going to be released. Do you know when thAt is going to be released? Thanks!

  26. Jonathan Hardwicke Brown says:

    I have installed Pebble Snap on my pebble watch. The app works fine but unfortunately it kills Smartstatus and Smartwatch+. I have my watch on Smart Status all the time so this is annoying. If I remove Pebble Watch kill the bluetooth and restablish it my smartstatus works. Any ideas because I like your app but if I have to make a choice it will loose.

  27. App Store says I do – 1.4. Nothing newer in the App Store.

  28. Not seeing it anywhere in the App Store.

  29. Mark says:

    App not saving pictures “error”

    • Joe Chavez says:

      Please verify that Pebble Snap has permission to access your photo library. Open Settings -> Privacy -> Photos and look for Pebble Snap in the list. Please enable access if it is not enabled.

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