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Glass and Environmental Sensors

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I’ll be speaking at GGDevCon on the topic of integrating Glass with Environmental Sensors.

Conference Overview

GGDevCon is an independent, two-day developer conference about Google Glass. This intensive technical conference for developers, software engineers and architects will train you how to master the Google Glass Development Kit and create outstanding Glassware. Learn about Live Cards, UI design and more. Get practical answers, roll up your sleeves, and learn how to program the wearable platform that is powering the next generation of wearable technology Oct. 27-28, 2014, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Session Overview

Glass and Environmental Sensors

In this class, the integration of environmental sensors and Google Glass will be presented. Glass presents an unique opportunity to examine the environment around the wearer in real time. Environmental Sensors are rapidly evolving in size power, and portability to the point where they are essentially wearable and always on. There are several sensors already on the market that can provide real-time streaming of temperature, humidity, atmospheric gas, spectra, etc. This class will provide and in-depth review of best practices and design patterns for integrating sensors with Glass. Also presented is a live demonstration of several sensor technologies as part of this session. All source code presented during this class will be available via public GitHub repository.



Sensordrone for Glass

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Sensordrone for Glass Sensordrone for Glass

Here are a couple Glass vignettes for a functional first cut at the integration. A huge shoutout to TheMastorBaron for the Glass-IntentTunnel project.

The key aspects to the project are :

  • Glass-IntentTunnel – awesome library to tunnel Android Intents over Bluetooth
  • Hacked version of Sensordrone Control – Bluetooth connectivity, data collection and IntentTunnel integration
  • GlassSensor Glassware – Live Card Glassware app that communicates with Android app via Glass-IntentTunnel

Source code in the GitHub Repo.

Project Information Page

“Glass is a trademark of Google Inc.”