Ignite Reno #14: What in the Wearable?

Wearable, what does it mean?

  • personal: clothing, wrist, or in the case of Glass your face
  • immediacy: augment our daily activities
  • convenience: look up to read your e-mail
  • interaction: keyboard and monitor no more
  • an opportunity to enhance contextual experience

SXSW PanelPicker Location, Location, Location!

Location, Location, Location!

Location, location, location is not just about real estate anymore. Your location at any given moment is of interest to many entities. Some good, some bad, some yet to be determined.
During this session the concept of ambient location as related to a mobile devices and the emerging internet of things hardware phenomena will be explored. Use of location data can impact both the individual and the community in a positive way by enabling new means of social interaction. Location can also be used against us in ways yet to be imagined through the collection of location based meta data. The technology exists to make location data both useful and secure provided the pain points can be mastered.

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